Video Project

Let's celebrate Child Rights Education Week

Express yourself with a video!

This year we celebrate the right of children and young people to be heard. To celebrate, we want to create a space for dialogue between children, young people and professionals. Until November 20, we will publish on our website all video testimonies to protect and realize collectively the rights of children and youth.

The idea is to create links and to act collaboratively! Do you have a project, a message, a vision to share? Send your video to us. What are you doing to protect and share children’s rights? What does children’s right to be heard mean to you?  What do you wish for children and young people worldwide? You can share your thoughts in a poem, a song, a testimony, etc. Be creative!


Young people, parents, professionals of all disciplinary backgrounds, participate in the dialogue: send your testimonials to us. Tell us about your profession, your projects or your vision of children's rights. Teachers, why not involve your classroom?

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